Established in 2010 in Zhejiang ,China , HCEM is specializing in R&D and manufacturing various kinds of oil free air compressor and vacuum pumps (AC and DC series ) , with several agent worldwide , include USA , Korea , Brazil etc.

Our primary focus is in the development, manufacturing and marketing . Whether prototype development, series products or custom systems are required, we have engineers that are ready to analyze customer requirements ,and help customers to make the development projects and implement solutions.

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AC Air Compressor Pump DC Air Compressor Pump Oxygen Concentrator Compressor
Vacuum Pump V Type Air Compressor Complete machine ( Silent oil free air compressor )

Finishing process

The pursuit of excellence
quality industry model


Custom Development

Exclusive Solutions for Your Application In addition to our series vacuum and low pressure gener..

Compressor &Vacuum Systems

Tailored to Your Needs Finding the best vacuum solution for individual applications requires a ..

Compressor & Vacuum System Consulting

Selecting the most Suitable System for Your Application Whether you are planning a new vacuum sy..

Customized Servicing of Vacuum Systems

Maintenance to Meet Your Needs Regularly and appropriately serviced vacuum systems maintain effi..

Premium Efficiency

Premium Efficiency from HCEM In response to today's demand for maximum energy efficiency, H..

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